From Behind the Moon

There are no words to describe what I saw. First, the light in every direction turned grey and strange. A chill descended and behind me people cheered with joy. Then it happened.

The world went dark and I was speechless.

For a little under three minutes, I witnessed a solar eclipse.

I've seen it written and heard people talk about the impact witnessing an eclipse can have on a person. People say that the event can force larger perspective onto a person. That seeing a solar eclipse lays bare the insignificance of many of our worldly troubles, but it also reminds us that we are lucky to be here and see such wonders.

I felt lucky and thankful. Lucky that fortune has afforded me the opportunity to see the eclipse and thankful for the people with me. While it was happening I was too awestruck to think of anything. Time didn't stand still but it didn't feel like it moved the same either.

After, that feeling has stuck. An event on that scale certainly does bring some perspective, like people say. I'm not sure what that perspective is other than coming to a fuller sense of the enormity of existence. Spheres in the sky are indifferent to something like the eclipse but for us it is a wonder.

I'll definitely be making every effort to see the Texas eclipse in 2024.

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