Solar Eclipse 2017 Prep


Are you going to see the eclipse this year? If you're in North America, you will most likely see some part of it. I am traveling to be in the path of totality and these are the things I've done to get ready. Research Best Locations & Make Your Reservation

It's being said that this month's eclipse may be the most viewed event in history. If you haven't made reservations somewhere already, you may be too late. Find out where you can reasonably go to see the eclipse and figure out how you are going to stay there. Get your reservation on the books.

NASA has provided some useful resources and Vox did a nice job of providing still images of the maps so you can see where the path of totality is going to be relative to you.

As for me, some friends and I reserved a cabin a few months back around Blue Ridge, GA.

Get Gear

We can't just look directly at the eclipse without risking eye damage. Only when the eclipse is at complete totality can the eclipse be viewed without risking injury.

Instead, get some eclipse glasses so you don't destroy your eyes watching the eclipse. The American Astronomical Society has a list of reputable vendors and advice for what to look for. If you're into photography, they also have information about filters so you can capture the eclipse with your camera.

That's it for me. I'll get up there a few days before the eclipse and try to find a comfy spot to set up and watch the eclipse. Are you travelling for the eclipse? If you have any tips, let me know.