Watching Irma


I was fortunate enough to be just outside the path of hurricane Irma. Our portion of the storm passed through yesterday. Some light rain and wind gusts is all we saw in my town. My heart goes out to the people who were hurt by this storm. Being on the edge of a hurricane is something I've grown accustomed, not comfortable, with. It seems my neighbors have grown used to it too. I saw a flurry of posts leading up to the storm that seemed to run the gamut from fearful to insolent. I can understand that.

When you're in the path, you know you have to prepare and you can have some idea of what you are preparing for. You watch the news, you read reports, you board up windows. If things look bad enough, you pack and evacuate.

On the edge, I think people bounce back and forth between concern and wanting to seem brave in the face of an overwhelming force because they aren't sure which side of the storms path they are going to be on. One day there'd be a shortage of bottled water, shelves in the grocery store cleaned out and lines waiting to get gas and the next there'd be posts ridiculing others for preparing too soon.

I only saw one or two people near my home board up their windows, but I saw dozens fill up gas cans and heard of more than a few who purchased generators.

Even after the storm, people marked themselves as safe on Facebook and were ribbed by their friends because they weren't in the path of the storm's dangerous forces.

So when you're on the edge of the storm, which is it? Are you precautious and aware or reckless and "brave"?

For my part, I don't think there's much virtue in being reckless in a situations like these and don't find much humor in laughing at people, even only marginally affected, marking themselves as safe.